Lee Priest Called Sports YouTubers Idiots

Lee Priest has always been one of the most controversial bodybuilding stars. He has never tried to be completely positive and has never really cared if the words he said could hurt or insult someone. There are people who are ready to call Lee Priest rude. There are also others who call Lee honest and sincere.

No matter what you think about Lee, one thing is absolutely clear, this man never lies to make someone like him more. This feature made Lee Priest an often guest of different programs and interviews. It’s easier to make a sensation from an interview of someone who doesn’t afraid to speak what he thinks.

Sometimes words of the Olympia star are very entertaining. In other cases, things he says can be quite offensive. One of his recent interviews is a bright example of that. Lee Priest called fitness bloggers who share their videos on YouTube idiots. The sportsman also blamed many video bloggers in spreading incorrect or even stupid information among people.

He told that internet was a great thing that allowed everyone had his voice. However, the current situation irritates Lee. The sportsman has watched a great number of YouTube videos made by sports gurus and fitness bloggers. He was shocked by the amount of incorrect or even potentially harmful information and pieces of advice.

Lee Priest told he was even scared by the possible consequences those videos could bring. He asked his fans never trust the information on the internet. Great tips and huge sensations are often fake. The sportsman also thinks that all those internet gurus and instructions can never replace a single workout with a professional coach.

Words of Lee Priest were accepted differently. Sports society separated on two battling camps. Some support Lee’s ideas, telling that they are tired from the amount of lie on the internet. Others say that the information shared by many internet bloggers is great and very helpful.

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