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Just when we thought we heard great news about the new Mega Minion Card being released for all us crazed Clash Royale Fans, this Clash Royale new update will certainly bring most of us tears of joy. Aside from the Mega Minion Card, gamers will soon have access to three new cards.

The online mobile game just keeps getting better and better! A recently leaked image of the supposed new card, Inferno Dragon has been brought to light by Reddit user “Shaunleewenjie“. As the breathtaking image of the card suggest, this creature will be a fire breathing legendary unit. Another Reddit user “qLegacy” gives us players a little hint that the Inferno Card will be the first to be brought to life in this exciting online mobile game.

A second card has also been exposed to our eyes. According to our Clash Royale new update, players will be given the epic power to raise their own army of the living dead. Being a spell type card, the Graveyard Card will bestow upon players the control over skeletons they summon to do their bidding.

Do not worry fans, it does not stop there. This Clash Royale new update also brings to you information about the third suspected leaked card; The Ice Golem Card! As the term ‘Golem’ suggests, this will be a tough, tank type card. Not only is the Ice Golem a tough rock to slice through, it also possesses extraordinary destructive power.

Although Supercell has yet to prove the rumor of these three leaked cards to be true, in one of their announcements made in the past, the Mega Minion card will be released alongside three other cards. Players can either put two and two together, or keeps their eyes peeled for another new update.


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