Laurence Shahlaei And Sigfus Fossdal Quit Competing At WSM 2019 Competition Due To Injuries

World Strongest Man 2019 is teeming with some bad news. Two elite athletes are out of further competition. One of them is the veteran “Big Loz” and another one is the debutant Sigfus Fossdal.

The truck pull and the farmer’s yoke/walk became crucial for these athletes. Laurence is a real sports veteran and that 2019 WSM had to be his special performance. However, his career ended on an injury and that’s a big pity.

Check out what Shahlaei says:

 Unfortunately my WSM career has ended in one of the worst ways I could’ve imagined – a ruptured Achilles’ tendon during the 600kg yoke.
To say I’m pretty devastated right now would be an understatement. Right now I need time to process everything and concentrate on getting this fixed. 

Thank you all for your unwavering support. It’s especially appreciated at times like this.

Loz explained his results in his vlog on YouTube.

The injury was not the only issue for the athlete. His monster truck pull wasn’t that good for the reason of an uncomfortable harness restricting his blood flow and he collapsed eventually. Loz had to be administered in an IV drip for one hour after they got him out of the harness. The doctors let him know that if he was going to compete the next day, nothing good will come out of this.

On the 600kg heavy yoke walk, the torn Achilles tendon was waiting for him. The “Big Loz” last event ended with a heavy injury. The most important strength event this year was a lot of pain for the elite athlete.

Sigfus Fossdal also commented on his situation on Instagram.

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