The latest launching of an open world racing game “Need for speed Rivals” shows the popularity of it which has street-racing competition between cops and racers. This game is featuring the fastest cars and technology of this era. If you play as cop or racer all the laws are same and simple and you have got some rewards.  It is the twentieth episode of this series and gets more positive welcome upon its latest release. Even the critics admire all the visuals, controls and online system of the need for speed rivals.


It has been developed at ghost games in Sweden which are directed by Craig Sullivan along executive producer Marcus Nilsson they too are the adoring part of this association. The ghost games have been launched on 17th September 2014 that now this has its value for players. With this latest launch, this game will be expecting more powerful game of this era and its makers know that it will win the heart of many users of PC. This title will disclose under the development by Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE).


All the features of this new release are same to the previous need for speed and every player his own play style with law.  The game takes place in an imaginary location which is known as review country has diverse natural features. In game play, you get eleven features of upgradeable gadgets like shockwaves, EMPs, spike trip and aptitude to call in roadblocks. All the set-up will be similar to previous as like speed traps, jumps and unblock cars also shorts cut which will not show on the available map.


The main features of rivals is a career chain for both cop and racer and progression is made by ways of speed lists for racer and coursework for cops in some objectives were set. As well as more play completes their goal they can unlock another stage of the game or content and offered with another set of goals to select from. All drive the new social system permits players to change from playing alone, playing with friends or system which you want to play as a multiplayer or single player. This allocates players to connect in collective game play as well as play against each other.


This an open world game features like real scenes shows as a lively weather system which gives a feeling of living in a much better sense than any other series of the need for speed. Every step on the road is loaded with different challenges as well as time trials and standard races, innovative cars to shut down, and records to break. But I have not found any billboard in the review as you can find your friend. Rivals are extremely appealing, making wonderful use for your next generation cheer up or PC as All the Cars look luminous, near photorealistic. So make your fun with your PC and download this new one of the need for speed.


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