Latest Arnold Classic Predictions For Top-10 Places


One of the greatest bodybuilding competitions and really great sports show has already started. We all have been waiting for 2019 Arnold Classic and are very intrigued with its awaited results.

Surely, soon the final results of the competition will be known, however, the tension is too great not to think and not to predict the possible results of the contest. Sports experts are also interested in the first serious bodybuilding event of this year are now trying their best to predict who will become the winners of the competition in 2019.

The first night of 2019 Arnold Classic didn’t leave anyone disappointed or bored. It was right as hot and bright as it was expected. The competition was really harsh and it was simply impossible to say who was going to be the winner with 100% confidence.

Speaking about representatives of the Classic Physique division, Steve Laureus and George Peterson looked really incredible. Right after they appeared at the stage, sports critics told that the first place could belong to nobody except those two.

Internet became a place for debates. Sports fans could not decide who of the two bodybuilders looked better and was worth to take the main prize.

However, Laureus and Peterson are far not the only sportsmen who are worth attention this year. There are a lot of bodybuilders who impressed judges and sports fans with their incredible shape and cool posing skills.

That’s why sports experts went further than usually and created their own top-ten prediction that includes brightest and the most impressive sportsmen of the Classic Physique division. Check the video that includes extracts of the show and some great expert comments on everything that was going on during the event.



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