Saturday, May 8, 2021

Larry Wheels Showed a Crazy 855 lbs. Triple Deadlift

Larry Wheels has never been traditional in his training, while his multiple spectators and fans scratch their heads. He has reached an elite level in powerlifting, but he still shows progress as if he is a beginner.

It looks like Wheels keeps doing everything a human can’t do as if he’s ushering to the new era of athletes.

Larry’s latest Instagram videos show that he was in California visiting Bradley Martyn’s gym Zoo Culture. These two athletes are most likely training with tons of energy.

The latest video of Wheels shows how he executes a deadlift triple PR with a crazy 855 lbs. weight. It looked like he wished a fourth before stopping his set.

Earlier, at the end of September, Wheels did deadlift PR singles with 840 lbs. Since then, he had several biggest deadlifts, such as 870 lbs. pull and the 900 lbs. deadlift. Who knows, in some time already, Wheels might be pulling 880 lbs. for a triple.

Apart from his monster deadlift triple, Larry also hit a bench press AMRAP PR at Zoo Culture. The athlete shared a bench press video that showed his enormous shook and work capacity four days ago. Watch his latest 500 lbs. set of 11.

Wheels is getting close to the 900 lbs. and 1000 lbs. milestones, and it makes him an amazing athlete to watch.


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