Thursday, August 18, 2022

Larry Wheels Presses 550lbs Dumbbell: Is It a New Unofficial Record?

Larry Wheels is one of the most charismatic powerlifters world has ever seen. The young man keeps impressing his fans with new tricks and important achievements. What’s this time? Larry informed his followers about his new world record. Keep reading to learn more!

The more you work the further you get! Yet it looks like Larry Wheels rushes towards his goals twice faster than normal. The young sportsman beats records regularly! And not only is own records.

The sportsman has already gained an army of followers and admirers. He’s charismatic, honest, and hard-working. What else is necessary to win competitions and people’s hearts? Larry gets huge support from his fans globally. Yet he pays them back with great videos, positive vibes, and new achievements. Watching his accounts is always a pleasure.

After several extravagant tricks like lifting people and accepting challenges, Larry has prepared other great news for his fans. The muscled giant has just beaten the unofficial world’s record: 550lbs incline dumbbell press. Such an unofficial victory served as a great inspiration for hundreds of Instagram users. Larry’s video is still gathering likes, reposts, and warm comments.

That wasn’t easy! Yet that’s just the beginning. Larry is going to set another record as soon as possible. His fans are eager to witness that!

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