Larry Wheels is unofficially called a superhuman, and his strength has impressed many people in the world of sports. He easily managed to switch from powerlifting to Strongman, but we could see some struggle during his transition, of course.

Recently, Wheels managed to set a PR with his 675lb bench press, which is 25 more than his previous record. Last year, he almost completed the same weight but didn’t have it at a time.

But, they don’t call him PR for no reason and we knew this amazing feat was on its way…

Check it yourself…

Wheels’ weight is less than 300 pounds, and such a massive bench press is incredible. We can truly say that their training with Hafthor Bjornsson was helpful to Wheels, even though the bench press has nothing to do with powerlifting events.

Let’s not forget that Wheels set his new PR by pulling 881 lb for 3 reps not so long ago. Let’s see what other surprises Larry Wheels prepares for all his fans soon!



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