Landslide hits South American country Colombia
Colombian city Manizales hit by landslide. Death toll rises to 17.

Landslide caused by heavy rains in Manizales city of Central Colombia!

Colombia faced second landslide in last one month due to heavy rains.

Reports suggest that so for the casualties toll has hiked up to 17 and at least people are severely injured.

Earler this month Mocoa faced a similar scenario and as many as 320 casualties were reported. Thousand have been affected due to such critical scenario.
They are saying that the landslide in Manizales city, Colombia is way gruesome due to the construction structure. Manizales city is the capital of Caldas province. Caldas is famous for its aromatic coffee beans and is located to the west of Bogota city.

Landslide has displaced a huge amount of people in Colombia. After rescuing the affected Government’s first priority would be to provide a safe shelter to the suffering.

Situation is very critical in Colombia. It is like the heavy rains have settled here permanently. If this situation goes on we are scared that a third landslide would most definitely hit the country.

Manizales city due to its construction is more susceptible to landslides, avalanches and floods. The slopes of Andes mountain are breath taking.

Colombia hit by second land slide in one month.
The Manizales city of Colombia declared disaster zone. Colombia has been hit by second landslide in past one month. Heavy rainfall has been the cause of more than 300 casualties so far. 

he make shift construction is creating a lot of problems for the residents.

The death toll so far has reached 17 and will most likely increase. Considering the intensity of landslide it is way more severe than last one in Southern province of Putumayo.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is in a state of grief and has paid his condolences.  Aids have been pooling in from other cities of the country. So far there is no news of Aid from the United States of America or any other leading humanitarian country.

The city of  Manizales has been remotely cut off due to avalanches, floods, landslides and mudslides.

The rain has to stop or we are fearing an other natural calamity might hit the ravishing South American country.

Local residents are pooling in to help the survivors.

Lets take a moment to pray for the affected. May God keep the beautiful country Colombia safe.