Lady Gaga Album 'Joanne'

The announcement Lady Gaga’s Joanne arriving in October of was made during her interview on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe. The much-awaited album will not only please the listeners with wonderful music but also with Lady Gaga’s inspirational and amazingly uncommon styles during recordings. Fans are all ecstatic for the release of the singer’s fifth album.

With her unconventional and artistic approach to music, this album is predicted to be a hit. The lead single off this album has already been premiered last week. Remarkably, though not surprisingly the lead single topped the iTunes chart in over 60 countries. The fans will finally be able to see her in this new music video hit which is called as “futuristic and classic” as reported in the Indian Express. The main partner and collaborator on this album Mark Ronson called it a very honest and an authentic album, which is good news for her diehard fans which means they can expect very marvelous music from the internationally famous pop star.

It is surprising to notice that the album is named after her late aunt “Joanne” who wasn’t even alive when she was born but she admittedly said that she had a lot of influence on my personal life and my career. Her death devastated Gaga’s father’s family. She also dedicated this album to her late aunt during the same interview. So sit back and enjoy because some wonderful music is about to hit you.

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