Lady Gaga 'Million Reasons' Releases Music Video
Lady Gaga 'Million Reasons' Releases Music Video

Lady Gaga has an accident in the desert and finds consolation in her friends

Lady Gaga 'Million Reasons' Releases Music Video

Lady Gaga shows the look of his new album, while Joanne starts the visual emotional strain for the only single from the album “Million Reasons”.

The sequel to the music video set story for the first single from the album, “the illusion is perfect”, the music video “One Million Reasons” begins as the winner of the Grammy rests on a windy desert landscape, sunset over sun. Several black SUV approaches to take the interpreter for a video session, the preparation of the song in a pink ensemble girt topped with a cowboy hat fit.

As she stood in front of a mirror, he noticed a small box in front of her vanity. Several flashbacks – interspersed with clips Gaga with a guitar singing – Reveal vehicles are included so far several friends Gaga who are hurrying to her side as she cries. Return to shoot, Gaga opened the box a rosary and a handwritten note reads “Love with your baby.”

Perfect Illusion” leads directly into it, “he wrote 30 years. “A story, and a look at my life .. “Million Reasons” Video.

After the launch in November of a viral video with Gaga the text of Secret Angel Victoria singing, ballad guitar – co-written by Gaga and writer Land Hillary Lindsey with the production of Mark Ronson and Gaga BloodPop – reached position 52 of the Billboard Hot 100 in this Week.

Joanne has already debuted on # 1 US place, moving 201,000 units and equivalent album marks the fourth time in a row Gaga studio to reach the leading position in the country. The pop icon will take the stage at the half-time show of the Super Bowl LI NRG Stadium in Houston on February 5th.

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