There are many reasons to love bodybuilding. Some people start training planning professional career, others just want to look impressive and have a great shredded body. However, there are also some who chose bodybuilding to get some money.

The Korean Hulk has never taken part in competitions like Olympia or Arnold Classic. Possibly, he has never been to a competition stage at all. However, this fact is not an obstacle for him to be popular in Korean and even abroad.

The bodybuilder has the impressive physique and unbelievably huge muscles. He could probably become one of the top competing bodybuilders in Korea, however, he chose another aim. The sportsman uses his incredible physique to attract attention and to entertain people.

He has repeatedly taken parts in numerous shows and TV programs. Moreover, he loves intriguing his fans with controversial posts and videos in his social accounts. Perhaps, The Korean Hulk can hardly be called a role model or a bodybuilding icon. Moreover, a lot of his Korean colleagues appear quite disrespectful speaking about him. However, the bodybuilder has something that makes everyone jealous.

The Korean Hulk has become one of the richest people in Korean. And, surely, he is the richest one among bodybuilders in his country. Great result as for amateur.


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