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The highly awaited downloadable content (DLC) for the game Mortal Kombat X did not feature anywhere in the just concluded Evolution Championship Series 2016 (Evo) in spite of the expectations from fans.

Well, it not just about when it will arrive but even when it will be created. It seems NetherRealm Studios is refraining from talking about the DLC. NetherRealm may be trying to remain silent on the details of Kombat Pack 3 but the fans still feel and think that the developer is doing something.

In the just ended month, the director of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon and the developer company NetherRealm Studios introduced a poll in the director’s twitter account. The poll asked followers if they could unload some money for the expected Xbox One S.

Fans may be excited about the coming of Kombat Pack 3, but many gamers may be giving up to the idea that the downloadable content DLC could be released anytime soon because Boon seems to be concentrating on another game by the NetherRealm Studios entitled Injustice 2, which has been rumored to hit the market sometimes next year. Fans may be wishing to have something delivered before this, particularly the DLC, but that still remains uncertain.

However, in spite of the uncertainty on Kombat Pack 3’s arrival, there is still some hope that something is in the pipeline. The Boon’s poll could only have been designed to disguise the release of DLC by dwelling on something irrelevant like Xbox One S. With no official statement from the developer and director, fans may just have to wait and speculate about the DLC.

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