Kodak Black accused 5 counts.

Kodak Black the famous rapper is among those who are quite successful but cant enjoy there stardom openly. Yes! Kodak Black might be going through a devastating experience behind the jail after watching some females on the pole.

Kodak Black was roaming around other places and a strip club. He is found guilty of violating the rules of house arrest that can give him a hard time in custody. On Wednesday Judge Thomas punished the rapper with 5 guilty judgments in Fort Lauderdale courtroom. He was accused of leaving his home without the consent of the probation officer.

There was a good update for Kodak Black, that he was not accused of a battery. He was guilty of beating a bartender in the strip club. Still, visiting the club without any approval was a bad decision.

Kodak black was on probation from last August after facing some serious allegations. He was sentenced of one year of house arrest and five years’ probation, while he was allowed to leave home for work reason with the approval correction officer Sandra Friedman.

Todays hearing was focused on the allegations by Jennifer Cunninham, a bartender working at club lexx. She claimed that Kodak Black harassed her when he was visiting the club earlier in February.

Even though the witnesses claimed that the bartender was drunk the problem remains the same that Kodak visited the club without the consent of Friedman. He was not accused of the battery.

The case is revived at the most prolific time of Kodak Black’s Career. He released his own official debut album Painting Pictures, selling like hot cakes that is 71000 copies in the first week. The main single of the album “Tunnel Vision” is on the hot 100 chart for over a month. It has over 110 million views since dropping on Feb 16. Even his house arrest has not slowed down his charts from climbing the success ladder.

In the Fort Lauderdale courtroom today, after the proceedings Kodaks mother could be heard screaming “My son!” outside of the courtroom. By the expressions of the rapper it was clear that he is listening to the noise.

Finally, a security officer allocated to look after for Kodak Black. He affirmed that he never saw an physical attack and it was his employee appearing to flirt with Kodak till he said she wasn’t his type.

The track of the newest “fast and the Furious” movie and the single on the top charts has made the American rapper more dapper than ever. His success is encouraging the fans to to go on social media and demanding Kodaks freedom.

Kodak was found accused on five counts of intentionally and considerably irreverent his house arrest. He has not been condemned.

A court hearing is fixed for May 4.