St George on his horse

All you need to know about St George’s day celebration.

St George’s Day is England’s national day as well. It is celebrated on April 23 each year. The day remembers St George who was England’s patron saint.

St George is a Christian martyr. St George’s day denotes traditional English loyalty and bravery. even though St George wasn’t English. He probably never set foot in this green and lovely land.

St George was born in Turkey. His father was Turkish and his mother was a Palestinian. He lived in the Middle East and breathes his last at the hands of the Romans who oppressed him because of his belief.

The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consist of St George’s  symbol a red cross on a white background, and forms part of the Union Flag. Legend has it that St George killed a dragon and saved a princess when he was a soldier in the Roman army. What a brave boy?

Why England celebrate St George’s Day?

St George’s Day was declared a national feast day on 1415 and holiday in England.

St George’s day started to become a really big feast almost as festive as Christmas till the 18th century. Festivities diminished after England united with Scotland in 1707.

Now folks go to work normally, though in recent years there’s been a impulsion to make the day a national holiday in England again. In a report event in 2012 found that each bank holiday costs British 2.4 billion pounds in absentees from work.

Activists say it’s not reasonable, as Ireland gets a bank holiday for St Patrick’s Day and Scotland gets a day off for St Andrew’s Day but why no St George’s day?

Why is St George’s day has been controversial?

In 2013 researchers by the think tank British Future establish that many Britain’s worry that national signs like the St George’s Cross may be understood as racist.

The report accused the “extreme street hooligans of the English Defence League” for “toxifying” the St George’s Cross, though it said politicians should also take accountability for weakening to “speak up for the inclusive patriotism of the English majority”.

What is St George’s sign indicate?

In Britain, St George has also motivated medals for bravery. Through the Second World War, King George VI recognized the George Cross. The highest such award that a national can earn.

The George Souvenir is second after it. Both medals portray the St George slaying the dragon top of his horse.

St George’s flag is continuously present at English football, cricket and rugby matches and signaled by millions of patriotic followers.