devotees protesting for legaliztion of 420

All you need to know about 420 “weed day”

If you are unaware of the marijuana culture, here are facts about 420 “weed day” that you really need to know:

420 as a code:

code was used by the Californian police for indicating the Marijuana Case, the theory is now rejected. The term was first used in 1971. 420 is the code which the users utilize for the Social media for indicating their interest.

Weed Day Celebration:

The weed day is celebrated on every 20th April, denoted as 4/20, As the drug is class B it is against the law of United Kingdom so many of the user, protest on 4/20 to legalize the marijuana. Weed devotees in other parts of world have also recently accepted the tradition.


4:20 pm was the time of the day when a group of California high school defined to meet near the statue Louis Pasteur and search for the rumored plot of cannabis. If any of the students found out the cannabis they decided to call all of them by calling ‘4:20 Louis”.

Marijuana Giveaway:

4/20 is celebrated around the US and the world. It is smoked in smoke pot where the selling of marijuana is illegal. Weed day is full of civil disobedience by weed users, they gather in a public place smoke and giveaway on that day.


A music group known as The Grateful Dead visited the San Rafael in 1970. They met the parents of the students and they picked the phrase and started using in their performances. The story was spread around the San Rafael & “high Times” published about the 420 story later the magazine published that 4:20 was an accepted time for smoking weed.

Snap chat

420 users are expecting that they will design a 420 graphic to be used on 4/20. as they did last year.


UK has still not legalized the possession or use of cannabis plant in any form. Possession, cultivation and handing out of the class B drug is Illegal in the UK. It can be used as a medicine or for personal use . the punishment for using weed is a year in jail and some amount of fine. In case of dealing for cannabis can lead to the conviction of up to 14 years in prison.

Medical use of Marijuana:

In many parts of US marijuana for medical use is allowed. 420 is recreated to in states as Alaska, Colorado and California. The 420 drug is also legal in Jamaica, span and Uruguay and soon will be legalized in Canada according to the Canadian PM; it will be legalized in the country for recreational purposes.