Kingdom Hearts 3

In Kingdom Hearts 3 Latest Update

The newest upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game have their fans excited for what’s to come, with loads of teases from Square Enix, the wait seems to be unbearable!

Kingdom Hearts PlayStation 4 Remastered Collection

The PlayStation 4 Remaster Collection of “Kingdom Hearts 3” has been announced. With this comes with “Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories,” “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,” “Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix,”, “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.” , “Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix” and “2.5 ReMix,” which are arriving next year.

Guard Form Shield Revealed

A pleasant surprise was given to Kingdom Hearts fans around the world on Friday. Square Enix decided to tease some new information on Kingdom Hearts 3. Furthermore, on twitter, they posted a picture showing a new drive form for protagonist Sora. Take a look for yourselves.

As we don’t have any news for #KHIII, Nomura-san would like to offer everyone a sneak peek at Guard Form – a new Drive Form!

Moreover, Guard Form Shield was also showcased during Paris Games Week. Where the images that were shown were that of the main character Sora. Another is new abilities that will help him combat The Heartless.

That being said, after a lot of Kingdom Hearts titles throughout the years, this new installment really does have a unique vibe to it. Once again reactivating the love fans have for this game series. As a result, fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the latest Kingdom Hearts game. What new world will they explore? Which Disney characters will they help out? All we can do is wait. Though the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in the dark.

In addition, the new images that feature Guard Form Shield also show Sora on Mount Olympus, a Hercules world that was previously seen in “Kingdom Hearts 3” trailers. Moreover, how Sora will find his way to Mount Olympus is something fans will have to wait and see for, as “Kingdom Hearts 3” still does not have a release date attached to it.