Kingdom Hearts 3
(Image : Youtube)

Tetsuya Nomura says that Square Enix will no longer be tight-lipped about the upcoming third installment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Fans are patiently waiting for any news regarding their favorite Final Fantasy and Disney mash-up game. Reports suggest that Square Enix is a bit too busy with their upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 2.8, since the team’s focus is dedicated to that title for now, any updates for Kingdom Hearts 3 cannot be expected anytime soon. According to Director Nomura in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, more information about Kingdom Hearts 3 will be shared in the months to come.

There was some insights shared about the game’s main character, Sora. Nomura mentioned that Sora will have improved playability especially when compared to another game character, Aqua. Sora has the ability to upgrade his Keyblade, and due to this, players will be seeing changes in attack style for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Kingdom Hearts series is known to mash up the action and adventure style of Square Enix with the famous Disney characters, topped with a great storyline, for Kingdom Hearts 3 there will still be Disney themed realms or worlds, in previous versions, Sora and his friends ventured to the world of The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Final Fantasy Series, too. Note that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be featuring any Final Fantasy worlds, instead more Disney characters and worlds will be coming to life in the upcoming game says co-director Tai Yasue. Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to be launched in 2017.


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