Instagram by Phil Heath's wife

Last night at the Olympia 2018 happened a shocking moment – the seven-time reigning champion Phil Heath was simply dethroned by Shawn Rhoden. It seemed absolutely impossible to everyone, however, it happened.

Lots of people, including many experts, considered Big Ramy to be the only one to dethrone Phil Heath. However, Shawn Rhoden changed the course of events unexpectedly.

7 years of victory is a lot, and many people wondered whether Phil Heath will be humble, cocky, or angry now, as he lost. Now you have the answer. Phil posted a very positive and short video on his Instagram for his fans after he lost Olympia 2018. Check it below.

The wife of Phil also posted a weird message on her Insta story and her account has closed down.

Sure, probably no one expected Heath to lose this year’s Olympia and this was a very big moment. Even haters never expected him to lose; they just thought it would be another chance for Phil to win once again. Who knows, after seven years of victory Phil could just get used to one and the same result, so he could just assume the victory will be easy this year, too.

Now, as everyone wonders whether he is going to move forward and come back next year for the eighth Sandow trophy or he will be retired.

A mysterious Instagram post from Phil Heath’s wife somehow tells everyone that Phil might stop competing forever. Since then, her account is disabled. But you can see the screenshot below. Who knows, this might be just an emotional response. Or will Heath really stop participating in competitions? Maybe she didn’t mean anything by this post at all. Anyways, we will follow the life and career of Phil Heath and, probably, will know the answer soon.


Instagram by Phil Heath’s wife

Meanwhile, we know the results of Men’s Physique Olympia 2018 division and let us congratulate Brandon Hendrickson, the division champion. The top 5 looks like that:

  1. Brandon Hendrickson, $20,000
  2. Raymond Edmonds
  3. Ryan Terry
  4. Jeremy Buendia
  5. Andre Ferguson

Women’s Physique Olympia division also has a new champion – Shanique Grant. The top 5 is as follows:

  1. Shanique Grant
  2. Natalia Abraham Coelho
  3. Jennifer Taylor
  4. Daniely Castilho
  5. Heather Grace



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