The IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) pro card is one of the best achievements among bodybuilders. Each bodybuilder has to win a regional contest in their weight class to get to a national championship first to become a pro. In case he takes a top place, he gets the position to get his pro card at an international contest.

Derksen explained that this is a sort of being an NHL player. If she wins another professional show, she is able to qualify for the Olympia.


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IFBBO PRO baby!! 👊🏻 #ifbbpro #figure #npcfigure #northamericans

Публикация от IFBB PRO Kimberly Derksen (@kimmy.derksen)

Kim couldn’t even dream of participating in Olympia and now she is one step away.

Derksen confessed she almost refused of her dream once when she called her coach from the airport and said she didn’t know what to do. She was about to turn around and go home. The coach said that when adversity strikes it either breaks you or makes a champion. The coach supported her and said that if Kim gets to Pittsburgh, it will be her day.

At the North American Championships in Pittsburgh on the 30th of August, Derksen won in the Masters Figure 40+ class. She became one of the best in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Kim Derksen explained that she was training and dieting non-stop for three years. Her bodybuilding career started in 2015. At the very beginning, she earned top place in her first competition and already in 2016, she took the first place in the master category in Provincials.


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1st Callouts! NPC North Americans 2018 🤞🏽

Публикация от IFBB PRO Kimberly Derksen (@kimmy.derksen)


Now Kim is 42 and says that it’s never too late to start bodybuilding, it just needs lots of work, consistency, and dedication.

Derksen says it’s really important to support the passions of people, while extreme dieting, spray tans, and oversized muscles might seem strange.

Lots of people have no idea why bodybuilders do that, says Kim. But she notices that this is just a sport, like any other.

Derksen loves training and is passionate about that. She believes everyone on Earth has his gift. When someone succeeds, we have to be happy for them!


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