Kim Davis

Kim Davis, 51 years of age is a political figure. She is gaining importance with the flow. Kim Davis made her view through the media by hitting a big controversy in August 2015. She wasn’t afraid of the consequences. Eventually, she stood by what she said.

Kim Davis a past Democrat and a present Republican.

Kim Davis is mainly a political person. She was in the democratic party for 1983-2015. Now she is a republican. She has a very good sense of standing by the situations she wants to. Currently she is the country clerk for Rowan county, Kentucky.

In 1991, Kim Davis was Cheif deputy clerk at the same office. Then by the time she gained the position of country clerk. From here she is working presently. She faced her first challenge when the residents of Rowan Country voted against her high monthly wages. She used to earn more than Deputy clerkKim Davis stood by the storm firmly. Her mother has been working in the same office at a higher rank.

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When Kim Davis’s mother filed that she won’t be up for the post in 2014, she enrolled herself in the elections for the country club.

Kim Davis was very much determined towards her career. According to her, she was the best for the post as she had 26 years of experience. Due to her constant determination and efforts, she finally made to it. She won the election with a high mandate and proved herself worthy of it. This success was the turning point of her career.

Kim Davis took an oath for country clerk on 5 Jan 2015 starting a four-year long term.

Apart from her professional life. Kim Davis holds up a very interesting personal life. She has been married to three different men. She has four children. Kim Davis current husband seems to be very supporting in every case. He backs her up in almost every situation.

Kim Davis gained international importance after her denial from issuing marriage licenses to same- sex couples in 2015.

The main issue for which Kim Davis is eventually worldwide is her blunt refusal to issue the marriage license to homosexuals. Kim Davis following her religious pursuit didn’t issue marriage licenses to such couples In her reference, it is not correct for such couples to get legal importance. It was totally her own decision and the authorities have nothing to do with this.

In the Rowan country, it is clerks who issue the license to every couple. Being the country clerk it was Kim Davis’s duty to pursue the procedure.

The issue got on national media when a homosexual couple asked for a marriage license and she denied clearly. They got her video which got viral within the night. The video cleared that she was on her behalf defying to issue the license. Because of this video, the issue got an international importance and many legal actions were mad against this act.

Kim Davis refused by saying that she is ” working under God’s authority”.

It seemed like that she was denying this on her own. It ahs nothing on the legal basis. Making her religious views vocal she moved on to this denial. She was well aware of the consequences still she stood by her words.

The couples who were asked to get the license from the country club as per orders by American national liberties filed a lawsuit against Kim Davis. Despite her jail sentence, she was at her point. Kim davis actually denied the orders of U.S. supreme court. The suppoters and the dictators both moved this issue on the National media and maed it the center of argument.

Roberta A kaplan described Kim Davis as  the perfect example of a person who is using a religious liberty argument to discriminateMike Huckabee said that Kim Davis’s jail snetence was an act of “christian criminalization”. She was very much in the news. There were columns on it. People talked about it in general. There were debates on the talkshows. Moreover, she was displayed in a parody video at some night show.


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Kim Davis contacted Beshear to help her in the matter.

She wants to have an excutive order in which she can make her point clear. As the country clerks have to issue the license on their names she was reluctant to do that. She wanted a protection for the clerks who cant do this due to their moral differences. She knwe that she would get the jail sentence for not following the orders. But still she kept on turning gay couples away.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis


David Ermold and David Moore were the gay couple who mainly filed a lawsuit against Kim Davis for not issuing them the marriage license.  according to them it was their official right. They were liberal. It was exactly according to the orders od the supreme court.

Family Foundation of Kentucky held a protest rally against the rulling out at State Capitol.

Kim Davis spoke bravely to the rally that she needed their support and prayers for standing with her point. After this issue got vocal she started denying the issuance of license to all the couples.

After 5 days Kim Davis was released and was back at work with instructions.

Eventually, after  5 days of the jail sentence, she was released and was back to daily routine The orders issued were that the deputy clerk working under Kim have nothing to do with her denial. Kim Davis will not interfere in the work of her deputy clerks who will keep on issuing the marriage license as per law.

Kim showed a true sense of cooperation. She completely guided her deputy clerks about the procedures. But she also mentioned that she has nothing to do with these licenses. She kept herself away from all what was happening.

Although it was tough for her to get used to this routine. The same couples she denied giving the license now have the legal licenses for themselves. They used to mock that their license is official and they don’t need her signatures on it

Many people reacted to this controversy saying that Kim Davis has all the religious rights but as the couples are up to martial requirements of the state her objection on the license is totally irrelevant

Many other clerks of the U.S. stopped issuing the license to the same-sex couples.

All the controversies came along but the marriage license was issued in the same office. But Kim Davis sticks to her words and her didn’t issue the license by her hands.

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Kim Davis and her husband meeting Pope Francis.

After few days she came out of jail she declared that she and her husband met Pope Francis. she also mentioned that he asked her to “stay strong”. Within some days this also proved to be a publicity stunt and the agencies verified that Pope has nothing to do with Kim’s denial towards the marriage license.

Although this issue got a lot of heat. But one thing was proved either right or wrong Kim Davis stood by her words till the last. But according to the legal procedures the marriage license keep on issuing to all the couples.