The fight of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor has become one of the most popular and one of the most awaited UFC events ever. Now, when Nurmagomedov is holding the champion belt, sports society is especially interested to know the name of the next future opponent of the current champion.

Right after the fight, McGregor asked UFC for a rematch. However, it was so obvious that the fight was totally dominated by the Dagestani fighter, that there was no sense for organizing another fight between these two sportsmen now. Perhaps, Khabib and Conor will meet once again in the UFC octagon, however, sports experts told it would not happen soon.

Many UFC fans predicted that the next possible opponent of Nurmagomedov was Tony Ferguson. Tony has seriously improved his skills and fighting style and has demonstrated some bright victories recently.

However, a few days ago Nurmagomedov surprised his fans by an unexpected message. In one of the videos posted on social media, Nurmagomedov discussed the possibility of organizing a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Floyd has never been beaten since the start of his professional sports career. Nurmagomedov also has 0 losses in his professional record. The two sportsmen have never lost. The fact makes the possible fight even more intriguing and interesting.

If the fight happens, it may become one of the most spectacular fighting meetings. Sports experts say such a fight is unique as Nurmagomedov is good in wrestling, while Floyd uses pure boxing technics. The competition between two fighters with different technics and skills can become an intriguing experiment in the world of martial sport.

However, some fans met the news with a negative criticism, calling it ‘show not a sport’ and reminding that boxing and MMA are different things and shall not be confused. Many people said that such type of behavior is not common for Khabib as he had always possessed himself as a humble and reasonable fighter. The decision was called too unusual and outrageous as for Khabib, however, it has already caused lots of attention and interest.



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