Kenyans make history at the Boston Marathon 2017!

List of winners from the Boston Marathon 2017.

Boston Marathon 2017 commenced on Monday, 17th April. It was such a bright and sunny day today in Boston.

121st Annual Boston Marathon started with a boom with mighty names like Geoffrey Kirui, Edna Kiplagat and many others aiming for the 1st position. Kenyans have made history here in Boston by acing both men’s and women’s title.

Edna Kipalagat with a huge smile on her face
Kenyan athlete Edna Kipalagat poses after winning 121st Annual Boston Marathon 2017 held on Monday, 17th April 2017.

Edna Kipalagat crossed the finishing line in 2 hours, 21 minutes and 54 seconds to be precise. It was such a joyful and courageous moment for the Kenyan athlete. Kipalagat won from the women’s front just by a difference of hardly a minute over Rose Chelimo from Bahrain. Edna Kipalagat was seen smiling and giggling at the end of Boston Marathon 2017. This has been such a lucky year for Edna Kipalagat after acing New York, London and Los Angeles she has aced Boston too.

In the men’s front we saw Geoffrey Kirui acing the 121st Annual Boston Marathon 2017 and crossing the finishing line 1st.

Geoffrey Kirui at the Boston Marathon 2017.
Geoffrey Kirui seen crossing the finish line 1st at the 121st Annual Boston Marathon 2017

This was the debut race for both Geoffrey Kirui and Edna Kipalagat and “OH MY GOD” what a glorious victory. Geoffrey Kirui scored 1st place even though United States’ athlete Galen Rupp stayed pretty close to him during the 22 miles long race. Galen Rupp certainly did not give the winner Galen Rupp a chance to relax at all. Geoffrey Kirui won with a very close margin of 22 seconds. WOW! Now that is super close. Geoffrey Kirui has brought glory to Kenyans 4 years after Wesley Korir won the race in 2012. John Powers, official reporter from Boston Globe had confirmed this report. Geoffrey Kirui took a total of 2 hours, 9 minutes and 37 seconds to complete the twenty-two miles long marathon.

United States should not be disappointed at all with 6 athletes in top ten, this is a very positive sign. We can safely assume that the USA team will perform amazingly in the coming Olympics. Galen Rupp crossed the line with 2 hours, nine minutes and 58 seconds on clock securing 2nd spot. That is so close, just a difference of 22 seconds!

Well we wish Galen Rupp best of luck for next time.

Very warm wishes for the Kenyan athletes Geoffrey Kirui and Edna Kipalagat on acing the 121st Annual Boston Marathon 2017.