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Keanu is the name of a cat. So as the name suggests the story circles around the cat. Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael, who are key players in the movie, make most of the trailer’s time, a fun and convey the comedy quality of it. People are waiting earnestly for the movie because of its all time famous comedy duo working in it. Their hilarious dialogues and expressions are the source of most views on the movie’s marketing success.

The movie which made entirely on studio dime is expected to business a lot. But this is not going to guarantee its success. The movie is played in a way that will perfectly represent Key-&-Peele’s innovative use of shootouts and explosions.

As said, the movie is placing a cat role in the center; critiques argue that the budget is too big for a short story like this. At times characters repeat the dialogue to stress on their fun. The movie keeps interest in it throughout the show-time, and do not allow audience to take their eyes off the comedy going on.

The movie picks gentler dialogues and actions than “The Chappelle Show” the ideas are similar to the show’s ones. At a time, when the pair of stars is searching for their beloved kitten, they have to venture their search in club. There they realized that they need to know the mannerism prevailing in urban area to be included in civilized and successfully finish their search.

Whenever the fun is fading, the film delivers something new to laugh about. We can claim that the purpose of Keanu is to celebrate Hollywood’s trials to renew old formulae. If you see the trailer you rightly guess how silly would the film be.

Thanks to the comedy duo the film trailer has gained over a million views on its YouTube appearance. For avideo based on cat the film is far too expensive.

Story :

Rell, who is one of the two characters starring the movies Keanu, suffers a break up that he forgets only due to appearance of a mysterious kitten on his doorstep. Later on the kitten is the kitten is found missing and the starirnig pair found out that it was kidnapped by a local gang. Rell made his cousin, Clarence, a party in the venture of rescuing the cat. This makes them enter into a series of car crashes and bullets. The story takes its viewers through the comedy thrill of searching a loved kitten.

To rescue their beloved, the pair of Rell and Clarence goes through a series of full-of-fun adventures. The adventure turns into a trouble for the pair when the cat’s thief makes them work for him as a gangster as a condition to hand them their kitten. Would the two characters fulfill the role accordingly?

Trailer :

Those who are interested can see the fun at the following link

Cast :

  • Acting
  • Jordan Peele
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Method Man
  • Will Fort
  • Nia Long
  • Luis Guzman
  • Direction
  • Peter Atencio
  • Script
  • Jordan Peele
  • Alex Rubens

Release date: 26th April,2016


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