Kai Greene Is Starting His Career In Bollywood

Kai Greene finished his bodybuilding career years ago, leaving all bodybuilding society missing his great performances. However, it doesn’t look like Kai has any time to miss the bodybuilding stage himself.

The former Olympia star now has time to use his creativity for good. Last year Kai wondered his fans with an incredible talent of illustrator. He issued a comic book with a fantasy character who resembles the book author himself.

However, it looks like Kai still has lots of plans for the future. Now he’s staring in an Indian film, called Pogaru. The film is directed by Nanda Kishore and will be produced by one of the biggest Indian film studios Gangana, Jagadamba Production house. The film is expected for the beginning of 2020.

It’s known that Kai got the role of the villain who is the main opponent of the film hero played by Dhruva Sarja. According to photos shared by Kai, he stays in India now what means we won’t see him at the Olympia stage this year despite the recent rumors about Greene’s return.

The sportsman also has another important mission in India, he works on promoting sports within the country and take part in a launch campaign for the chain of Dynamik Gyms. This is another proof that Kai stays one of the most influential characters of today’s bodybuilding even after the official end of his bodybuilding career. 

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