Kai Greene Shared a Rare Video From the Past

Kai is one of the brightest and the most popular sportsmen in the world. His great charisma and ability to be extremely creative no matter what he does are those special features that differ him from thousands of bodybuilders.

Whatever Kai does, no matter if it’s giving an interview, posting a photo on the internet, commenting his friend’s post or posing on the bodybuilding stage, prepare for it to be outstanding and very special.

This muscle beast is a real artist who turns each day of his life or work into another colorful performance. If you are interested in the sport, you have no chances to ignore Kai. Most people love him. fewer sports fans hate him but no one stays indifferent.

Greene started his sports career years ago. He went a long way from a boy that nobody knew about to the world star that is admired by millions. Has this long way changed Kai? Perhaps, yes. However, his charisma, creativity and a very special talent to win the heart of any auditory seem to be inborn and, surely, unchanged.

Do you need any proof? Recently, the legendary bodybuilder shared an old video where young Kai Greene is posing on a stage. What you notice first is the great physique of the young man. However, there’s something else that makes you watch the video till the end with excitement. Kai is a real star. You can easily notice that he really enjoys his performance and interaction with the viewers. The video is very entertaining!

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