Kai Greene Shared Some Epic Moments From 2019 FIBO Expo

No doubts, FIBO Expo is a great event in the world of bodybuilding. The exhibition gathers hundreds of bodybuilding stars and attracts great attention yearly. This year was not an exception and FIBO expo was visited by Olympia celebrities like Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Dexter Jackson and, surely, Kai Greene.

Kai is known for being cheerful and always ready to have some fun. The sportsman had a really great weekend in Cologne (Germany) where the expo was organized. Kai was warmly met by his numerous fans who welcomed him in Germany and in the FIBO expo itself. Wherever he was going, Kai was accompanied by his admirers and journalist.

Unlike many other sports celebrities, Kai knows how to enjoy talking to people. He was joking, smiling, and taking photos with his fans. Greene had a great fun himself and made people around him entertained as well.

It looked like Greene was especially happy to meet some of his colleagues. He took some great photos with the Olympia contestants and sports legends. He loved having fun with Martyn Ford who is his old friend, talented actor, and sports celebrity with an impressive image.

Greene came to the expo not only to have fun and to party, but he also used the opportunity to discuss some of his commercial and creative project with several major partners he works with.

Greene didn’t hide his excitement after visiting FIBO expo this year. He shared some great photos and a video message with his subscribers to show the best moments of the event.

Promoting health and fitness while spreading positivity here at @fiboofficial with our @powertecfitness team! Successful weekend all thanks to you guys! #LetsWORK”
(Kai Greene @kaigreene)



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