Kai Greene Sends Support to Phil Heath. Is It End of the War?

There’s no secret that Greene and Heath have always been competitors and never good friends. Right after 2018 Olympia when Heath lost his leading place and became the second, Kai criticized his physique and didn’t feel shy to tell that he was happy to see a new sportsman being a champion.

The two sportsmen are often seen arguing on Instagram, sometimes being rude or even offensive to each other. Recently, Kai Greene gave an interview calling the physique of the former champion ‘far from being perfect’ and criticizing Phil’s posing and performing on stage. Greene is also known for supporting the current Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden and celebrating his victory.

Just a few days ago it looked like this war was not going to finish and the two sportsmen Kai Greene and Phil Heath would end up hating each other. However, now things are changed.

Currently, Phil Heath has serious health issues and is preparing for the surgery. Kai Greene was among first sportsmen who sent an encouraging message for the former Mr. Olympia and published a warm post on his Twitter. Kai’s message sounds very sincere and positive, there’s nothing to remind about the former tension between the two sportsmen.

It looks like the war between Greene and Heath was less serious than everyone used to see it. Perhaps, it was just a kind of exciting game to warm up the competing spirit between two legendary bodybuilders. Now it looks like Greene is really worried about his colleague and willing to support him.

In the case, if Heath’s surgery is successful, we may soon see an answer of Phil. Who knows, maybe now we are witnessing the beginning of a new and strong friendship between sportsmen.




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