Saturday, May 8, 2021

Kai Greene Sees Positive Sides Of Phil Heath’s Loss

Last week Kai Greene presented his comic book. The graphic novel is a result of three years of his hard and intensive work as an artist and illustrator. Taking a break in his sports career, Kai decided to dedicate some time to his creative hobby and to try himself in something different from bodybuilding.

However, the bodybuilding star could not deny the sport completely. Even during his book presentation, Greene gave numerous interviews and answered lots of questions connected to the sport.

Speaking a lot about his career and his attitude towards bodybuilding, Kai also commented on the 2018 Olympia competition. Kai told that he understood how painful the loss was to Phil Heath a former Olympia king. However, he told that sports society should not take the loss of ex-champion as something negative.

Kai thinks that a great and bright performance of Shawn Rhoden who became a leader of the competition this year is a great inspirational example for young bodybuilders. Shawn showed that there’s nothing impossible if you really want it to happen.

Phil Heath won Olympia 7 times. He proved he was a great sportsman and his name became a part of bodybuilding history forever.

However, his long-lasting reign was depressing for many sportsmen. They got used that the first place was always taken by Phil. The fact that this year Phil Heath took the second place won’t influence his reputation much. He will stay one of the best bodybuilding legends forever.

At the same time, brilliant performance of Shawn Rhoden gave some fresh breath to bodybuilding society. The fact that Shawn’s victory was unexpected (last year he was only fifth) makes his victory more impressive and inspirational.

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