Kai Greene Pranked His Fans Again


Perhaps, Kai Greene has never been first on the Olympia stage. However, when it’s up to a great sense of humor, sincerity, and creativity, Kai is always the first.

Greene created a perfect formula of popularity, even if you are not the first one, you can become a king of people’s hearts, if you entertain them well enough. Unlike many sportsmen, Kai is not trying to create an image of a ‘very serious man’ or ‘an angry beast’. His strategy is absolutely different, he’s trying to become a real friend to his fans, showing how simple and down-to-earth he is.

None of the sportsman fans have doubts that Kai loves jokes. He’s never angry when seeing mems or jokes about him. When other sportsmen are just getting mad, Kai joins his haters and laugh together with them. Checking his profiles, you can find a lot of mems and funny pictures of the sportsman. Yes, he collects them and shares with his fans to laugh together!

Actually, Kai’s profile is just a bomb for making you have a great mood and another portion of super motivation. The sportsman shares funny moments of his life and his sports philosophy, he tries to motivate and to educate his fans about the sport. However, the greatest treasure is a collection of Kai’s jokes and pranks, that are mostly kind and always funny.

After posting a very creative video to congratulate his fans with Thanksgiving Day, Kai shared a picture to show how he changed after the celebration. The photo was obviously a joke, demonstrating a very obese Kai coming to the gym.

Kai’s fans met his prank with enthusiasm and thanked the sportsman for sharing his great mood and positive vibes with them!





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