Kai Greene Compared Himself With Phil Heath: “All I Was Missing Was a Smile!”

Kai and Phil used to be competitors at the Olympia stage. Yet, they still keep battling. A few days ago Kai Greene shared an astonishing photo collage. It’s a good time to remind that Kai and Phil are still rivals.

The Olympia contest was never over for Kai Greene and Phil Heath. Both of them have been off stage for a while. Yet, they both keep fighting online. Internet quarrels between Greene and Heath have often become a sports sensation.

Kai Greene has never won Olympia. Yet, he’s called one of the greatest bodybuilders ever. Sure, Phil Heath is a real eyesore for Greene. The 7-times champion often was the only person standing between Kai and the crown.

Being the second-best Olympia participant means being almost as great as the winner. That’s the reason for popular quarrels, – whether judges are always subjective.

Kai never raises this topic for a serious reason. Yet, he loves joking. The sportsman shared a collage of himself and Phil. Both sportsmen looked excellent – muscled and ripped. Their smiles were the only details that looked very different. Phil was showing his teeth, while Kai smiled with his mouth closed.

“All I was missing was a smile!”, – wrote Kai, sharing the newly discovered key to Olympia’s victories. The sportsman’s followers and colleagues were happy to support him. Now when Kai knows ‘the secret’, he has every chance to come and win.

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