Audience were enthralled by the consistent fluctuating drama at the 16-stage match of UEFA champion’s league at Juventus stadium Italy. Bayern Munich and Juventus draws the game with four goals on the match. Juventus carried out two goals down to draw 2-2 against Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League round-of-16 first leg on Tuesday. Juventus players Paulo Dybala and Stefano Sturaro scored two goals to recover the opponent’s victory made by Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben from Bayren Munich.

Juventus were not happy as they took the start for Tuesday’s match against Bayern Munich with confusion and anxiety, it seemed that Juventus are all compromised for a defeat and are ready to exit from the Champions League. But the scenario altered and Juven’s restored their spirit  by tossing  their kicks back into the losing game, making two goals in 13 minutes and a 2-2 draw to keep the, spirit of success alive .

Joshua Kimmich and David Alba the Bayern’s central defense have taken the place of Jerome Boateng, Holger Badstuber and Javi Martinez, whereas, the absence of Giorgio Chiellini has made the Italians nervous for the jump start .

Bayern moves ahead with the help of Robben, Douglas Costa and Robert Lewandowski who pushed Muller to pass the ball ahead of two defenders to get the win, Juventus were still slow, and a slip from Leonardo Bonucci let Lewandowski to favor Robben for a right budge .

The first goal was scored at the forty second minutes of the game when Pogba, releases Dybala from Alaba’s trap. The Bayern’s scored the second goal at the fifty third minute of the game when Robin shoots pass Barzagli due to in accurate moves of defense players. It became obvious that Bayer’s are going to lead, its high time for Juventus in the second half who now put every effort to neutralize the score. Though Robbin tried everything to put a halt on Juventus moves and during such a thriving battle, at the sixty first minute of the game Dybala succeeded to score the first win against Bayren. Juventus thereafter played with conceit and strength to maintain their attacking drive..Costa made a false attempt and Morata opted to shoot, however it was saved. Right at the seventy fifth minute, Juventus draws the game score via Sturaro’s hit in the box .

By the eighty fourth minute, Bayern was compelled to defense for the first time in the game. Just before the last minute, there came a yellow card for Vidal for playing a foul on Morata. At the last minute the game moves ahead as Pogba was expected to recreate history by making a goal against Roma, however Neuer came to rescue his team. The additional three minutes does not brought any momental moves and the final whistle at 21:37 the game concluded with the balanced score.


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