Justin Bieber Attacked in Club
(Image: TMZ)

Jostling through a huge maddening crowd Justin Bieber got attacked while attending a party at the club. The Munich Night club, as usual, was bustling wit life and party animals when Bieber entered to attend a gathering there. Amidst the loud music and high volt energy in the club room, the fans try their luck in reaching out to their favorite star. One such incident had taken place at Munich, Justin Bieber attacked in club.

The videos that have crowded the entire social media shows the young star being escorted by a group of bodyguards. But even such a tight security couldn’t help him moving through the crowd easily. The man who had possibly attacked him was an ardent fan of Bieber. Sources tell, that the fan had been trying to catch the stars attention all through the night. But all his attempts had failed. At last, out of desperation, he lunged at the star.

Justin Bieber’s business partner John Shahidi came to his rescue and shoved the fan on to the ground disabling him for making any further attempts of reaching to the star. In such cases of fanatic behavior of fans have been a part of the news buzz innumerable times. The star and their stardom have both positive and negative impact. This particular incident deciphers how harmful an impact the whole concept of stardom can create on both the celebrity and the star. It was thus a narrow escape for the young singer.


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