Julius Maddox Bench Presses 620 lbs for 5 Reps With Pauses

Jailhouse Strong Powerlifter Julius Maddox shares another great video about him bench pressing. Maddox shared a bench press video leaving everyone absolutely excited just a day ago.

Maddox was making crazy bench press progress within the last year. At the end of the year 2017, everyone wondered whether he could be the next athlete reaching the 700 lbs. bench team. Maddox shows his casual routing of five with 620 lbs. on the bar in his latest bench press video. Instead of repeating them non-stop, Julius paused each rep and this made his set even more impressive. It was actually one of the most impressive paused bench press sets ever.

Moreover, Maddox completed a five rep paused set with 610 lbs. at the end of September. And it’s really impressive how routine this weight is for Julius.

Let’s recall that Maddox reached his 700 –lbs. milestone with his 705 lbs. training in January 2018.

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After that, this strong athlete has pressed more than 700 lbs. several times. In competition, though, Maddox’s best bench press was 688 lbs. Now, the question is when Julius Maddox will be inducted into the 700-lbs. press in competition club.


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