WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange will face charges, U.S all set to proceed!

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange likely to spend some time in jail!

U.S is preparing a strong case against Julian Assange. They are investigating Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for files dating back to year 2010.

That is when the site came to limelight because of posting classified information. The files were stolen by Chelsea Manning a former analyst for US Army intelligence.

Previously U.S officials did not proceed with pressing charges on Julian Assange because of 1st amendment. Eric Holder the Attorney General in President Barack Obama’s tenure found it difficult to press charges against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Since they were not the only ones to post that classified information stolen by Chelsea Manning. Other involved publishers included The New York Times. The U.S officials did not proceed with this case at that time but now they are determined to put Julian Assange behind bars.

Julian Assange to face jail.
Julian Assange will face charges for directing Chelsea Manning to intercept classified files. Is he working for Russia?

WikiLeaks’ founder is currently residing in London in Ecuadorian embassy. He is holed up there to escape an arrest following rape charges pressed in Sweden. The U.S officials were hoping that new President of Ecuador would not harbor a criminal and expel him. But the things did not turn out like that for USA. The President or Ecuador has vowed to keep Julian Assange safe.

Is Assange really a criminal?

Mike Pompeo Director CIA recently stated that WikiLeaks’ is a satellite operated intelligence agency controlled by Russian goons. Chelsea manning intercepted top classified files involving US as directed exclusively by WikiLeaks’. This certainly is beyond first amendment. That information was vital to state integrity and now it time Julian Assange gets punished for betrayal.

You can hide but you can not escape your fate. Looks like Assange will have to pay for his heinous crimes since the U.S officials are determined to do so.

Do let us know what are your thoughts on WikiLeaks’ and Julian Assange? Should the classified information be posted on the internet. Could this lead to a flaw in national security or Assange is just being punished for personal interests?

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