Vacuum pose has become one of the most discussed topics of the season. There are many sportsmen who believe the pose shall be included in the official competing program for the Men’s Physique division, while other bodybuilders are not ready for any changes and think that the existing competing program is excellent.

While many people are busy with making a decision whether the vacuum pose is yah or nah, Juan Morel is not wasting his time and works hard to make his posing skills better. The sportsman is now busy with making his vacuum pose variation look really impressive.

A few days ago Juan has posted a video showing his progress in vacuuming. The sportsman told that vacuum pose was not easy for him, however, daily training allowed making his vacuuming deeper.

Morel looks really impressive demonstrating stomach vacuuming. However, the sportsman assured his fans and followers that this was far not the result he planned for. Juan keeps working and plans to make his posing skills much better.

Those people who are not well acquainted with bodybuilding may think that posing is not as important as growing muscles for reaching the desired success in competitions. However, professional competitors know that great posing skills are almost as important as excellent physique.

Posing allows a jury to evaluate bodies of competitors from an aesthetic point of view. Different poses help to see the body of a sportsman from different angles and to evaluate the development of certain body parts and muscle groups in a better way. Moreover, posing is necessary to make the final evaluation more exact and fair.  

It’s still hard to say whether a vacuum pose is necessary for making the sports contests better. However, it can surely be a very spectacular element of bodybuilders’ performances.



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