Juan Morel Looks Like An Insane Muscled Beast

The 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro is planned for this weekend and it’s especially interesting to get some updates from its participants. There is still no clear answer to what to expect from the contest, as bodybuilding gurus are not making a prognosis this time. However, it’s very clear we’ll witness a crazy battle between real sports beasts.

There are several great participants who have an incredible physique and stunningly bulging veins, including Cedric McMillan and Regan Grimes. However, according to the latest updates from the participants, Juan Morel has very high chances to nail the victory this weekend.

The 37-year-old sportsman looks just as great as at the very beginning of his professional career. Moreover, some bodybuilding experts believe that the best part of Morel’s sports life is only starting. Morel printed his name in the history of the sport with him impressive debuts, however, the next decade of his professional career went without insane achievements.

Nevertheless, it looks like Morel is having his second breath and is very motivated now. Juan spends hours in a gym daily and the results he managed to achieve are simply impressive. After some hard times, now Morel has great chances to rehabilitate his career.

The sportsman looks confident and ready to face the harsh competition with the bodybuilding veteran McMillan and lots of young and promising competitors who are expected this year.


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