Jose Raymond is a great athlete and one of the most popular sportsmen of the 212 Division. It’s known that Jose had a problem with his hip and some serious health issues that used to threaten his sports career. However, most sports fans thought that these troubles were in the past.

Unfortunately, undecided and untreated health problems may become an uncomfortable obstacle on the way to great bodybuilding performance during the competition.

The sportsman used to have some therapy years ago but he decided not to continue it after he started to feel good enough to come back to his training. Jose confessed that the old trauma and disease had been bothering him for some years, however, they didn’t appear too serious. The sportsman postponed any serious and complex treatment.

Unfortunately, that was a serious mistake. Bodybuilding is the sport that requires not only great will and ambitions to reach some great result. It also needs a sportsman to be healthy and to have great physical resources. That’s why even the smallest trauma is potentially dangerous to a sportsman if it stays untreated.

Doctors advised Jose to undergo surgery last year. However, the goal-oriented sportsman was not willing to delay any of his plans and to make a break from training. This year when the severe pain didn’t allow Jose to continue even the routine exercising, he had to agree for having surgery.

“I’ll be in the gym Monday. I won’t be squatting but I’m going to the gym!”, said Jose Raymond after the medical operation.

The hip replacement surgery was successful and doctors say that the sportsman may feel no discomfort training and competition in the future. However, now he needs some time for rehabilitation and should postpone hard training for a while.

The sportsman is already on his feet. He needs to use crutches to walk until he is able to move more confidently. Jose told that the unpleasant operation and some health issues should not stop him from competing this year. He is full of enthusiasm and it’s very possible that we will soon see him as strong and greatly-prepared to appear on the professional stage as he has always been.


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