Jonathan Demme
Meryl Streep, Jonathan Demme, and Jodie Foster at a Tribute to Jonathan Demme at the Jacob Burns Film Center in June 2014

Jonathan Demme, died at 73.

Jonathan Demme was native of Baldwin, Long Island, New York. As a matter of fact, he attended the University of Florida further his career started in 1974. His work includes Roger Corman’s stable, helming women’s prison exploitation film Caged Heat. In addition, he worked in nostalgic road trip film Crazy Mama, starring Cloris Leachman,and Peter Fonda action film “Fighting Mad”.

Jonathan Demme, Oscar winning film maker died in New York on 26th April. Presently he was 73. Moreover he was suffering from cancer. However he was with her wife and kids at the moment he pass away. Jonathan Demme is famous for directing “the Silence of the lambs.” It was a horror thriller. The movie was a blockbuster on the box office in 1991. One of his story that was about a FBI analyst became the third movie which won the Academy Awards. This movie won all the categories i.e picture, actress, director, actor, screenplay etc.

He was successful in scarring his viewers but above all he depicted great humanity and sympathy in his movies. “The Silence of the Lambs,” Jonathan Demme started making the first major studio movie that was about the AIDS. Its leading role that was of a gay lawyer starring Tom Hanks won him first Oscar.

Jonathan Demme’s most recent work that was going to be on air, the day he died. His recent movie in 2015, starring Meryl Streep as lead of “Ricki and the Flash,” was a big flop on the box office. In 1984, he again shot his talents in romantic dramedy. Then named it as Swing Shift. Actually it starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel but later he re cut with the studio. Probably Hawn wanted a more conventional love story and Demme was into something with rough edges.

After two years of Swing Shift recovered and started a comedy “Something Wild”. He show cased a revolutionary performance of Melanie Griffith as brunette & Ray Liotta as Melani’s madcap boyfriend. Jonathan Demme was very open to new ideas, discovering new talents and permitting performers to show their talents. His Comedy in 1988, “Married to the Mob,”earned Stockwell an Oscar nomination.

Jonathan Demme directed many music videos and doocumentries. In 1987, he was chosen for Grammy nomination for best long form music video for Sun City. His nonfiction work related to politics and social issues. Haiti was the main focus of his two documentaries which he created in 1988 and 2003, the essence was the Haiti will somday develop a decent political order.

Demme’s came back in 2008 movie “Rachel Getting Married.” Starring Anne Hathaway, Demme excellently show cased the acting skills and abilities of Hathaway. It was a role of an unsympathetic young woman came from the rehab to attend her sister’s wedding. Hathaway got her first Oscar for the role.

Jonathan Demme is a National Board of Review’s Billy Wilder Award holder. He wed to director and producer Evelyn Purcell. later he married to Joanne Howard and had three children (Ramona, Brooklyn and Jos.).

Many co actors, producers and director responded on twitter for the devastating news of Jonathan Demme.