John Oliver
John Oliver

John Oliver, the famous comedian, writer, politician reviewer and commentator of his time. He has a versatile ability to fit in all categories.  Throughout his career, he has been presenting good gossips and reviews on all the favorite topics worldwide.

John Oliver is the host at HOB’s talk show Tonight with John Oliver.

John Oliver himself is a writer as he has written the book Earth. As a consequence, all these aspects add up to his personality.

He has always been discussing the major buzz around the world on his talk show. John has the very good skill of engaging people with him. He knows how to unite the listeners at one point. Making comments and adding a comic flavor to the talk is his art.

Lately, John Oliver reviewed the upcoming elections in France in his talk show.

This weekend is going to be very entertaining for the media worldwide as depicted by John Oliver in his recent episode. He discussed the approaching presidency elections, as a result, he gained the popularity again. In his views it si going to be the top story of the week.

John Oliver listed that this is not a simple competition. It is going to be a hard one. It is not as easy as Kansas competing Montana. Neither it is taking into account the issues of Georgia. It is going to be a tough fight. There are going to be 11 candidates in the run.All of them are equally compatible for the post. It is going to be a nick to nick match.

John Oliver
John Oliver in HBO talk show


One of the leading candidates Marine Le Pen stated that she should win the presidency. 

Marine seemed quite confident about her campaign, narrated John Oliver in his remarks. This election is going to be a four people war started by John while his show. The top rated candidates are  Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Melenchon and Fancois Fillon.

The election in France consists of two main phases.

In the first phase, elaborated John, all the candidates will face each other. This phase will be on this Sunday. After this face, the top two candidates will be in a battle in the next face conducted on 7th May 2017.

People commented that they are happy to have John Oliver. He very well relates the points and adds up to to the gossip. He is very good at it and gives the best statement without taking any offence on the table.