John Meadows Is Hospitalized: The Sportsman Is Diagnosed With Heart Attack

Fans of John Meadows are worried. According to the message his wife posted on his Facebook, John suffers a heart attack and now stays in hospitals.

John Meadow has a growing army of fans who are attracted by his optimism and the incredible power of his dreams. The sportsman’s professional way has become an inspiration for thousands of people worldwide. However, now his fans are more worried than inspired.

Earlier this week wife of the sportsman informed his fans that John was hospitalized. He suffered from a heart attack, which was caused by a clotting disorder. While the news is really upsetting, the bodybuilder feels much better now and his blood vessels appear to be ok.

The Long Way to Success

John became popular as an unstoppable dreamer who always followed his dreams. The bodybuilder started training at the age of 13. However, the early beginning didn’t bring many benefits to him. Unfortunately, Meadows suffered from severe and rare colon disease. After a few attempts to cure the disorder, doctors decided to remove John’s entire colon.

That may look like a fantasy story. However, John managed to come back not only to his normal everyday activity but also returned to the gym and earned his pro card. Meadow’s story quickly became popular and attracted lots of admirers.

“I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Her”

John Meadow believes that he would never make his dream come true without the help of his wife Mary. The bodybuilder told she was not only taking care of him while he was sick and unable to do even simple things on his own, but she also supported and inspired him for building his professional career.

‘If I say I want to do something, we’ll talk about it, make sure it’s workable and then she gets behind me and supports the idea and me all the way.”, – the bodybuilder explains.

Sportsmen Stay Together

No doubt, Meadow is a real toughie. However, even the strongest people need support and warm words sometimes. Lots of sports celebrities, including Brandon Curry, Steve Kuclo, and Shawn Clarida shared John’s story and his photos to cheer the sportsman up while he stays in the hospital.

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