A drastic change was waiting for us in the 2019 World’s Strongest Man taking place in Bradenton, Florida. Jimmy Paquet, a 24-year-old strongman from Canada, injured his left hamstring and had to quit the event.

In his interview to BarBend he said:

Pulled big PR of 420kg in training. 2 weeks later during deadlift training left hamstring pulled when I went for 380kg for reps. Very disappointed. I had also pressed 194kg on log in training, I was in best shape ever.

Below is the video of his 420 kg PR

This year, Paquet would compete for the second time in the World’s Strongest Man. His first time was in the year 2017. He started his career with Jean-Francois Caron, a Canadian strongman veteran.

However, Gerhard Staden, a 34-year-old and 6 feet 2 inched South African athlete, will be competing instead of Paquet this year.

By the way, he is looking after lions in his own sanctuary in South Africa in his free of training time; he is also conserving wildlife and teaches others in his educational camps.

Jimmy Paquet hopes to be able to compete in the Arnold Canada in four weeks. Let’s wish him to recover the soonest!



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