As we all know about Donald Trump he is famous American Comedian, sharing a lot of laughter and smiles everyday on his legendary Television show “The Tonight show” he has concurred hearts of Millions of people around the globe and In America as well.  Jimmy Fallon is not a single personality he is a versatile person he does so many things he is host, he is a writer, singer, actor and famous producer. Above all, he is Comedian which is the best thing about the Jimmy Fallon.

So recently Donald Trump expected President of United States of America was invited on the famous show of Jimmy Fallon, which is “The Tonight show”. In this show the have so many different segments to create Humor a fun with the guest of the famous segment of the show is to do something silly with your guest but off course not crossing any limits.  When Donald was asked by the Jimmy Fallon if he could do something silly with him, he didn’t like the Idea. Saying that

“‘I do not like the sound of this”

Then Jimmy asked him that can he muss up his hair? Because next time when he appears on the show he may be the President of America so why not now as an ordinary citizen do something silly which doesn’t mean a thing but it’s just for fun. Well, Donald has a lot of stories about his hair he is known for “famous hair” personality. He said

“The answer is yes, but… I hope the people of New Hampshire… will understand”

Jimmy Just muss Up all his hair and we all know Donald is sensitive about his hair but he was smiling all the time.