It’s not easy to find a person who would know more about bodybuilding than Jerry Brainum does. He has spent more than thirty years being involved in the sports industry and discovering better and more effective ways of achieving high bodybuilding goals.

Jerry is a real expert who can easily answer questions about professional health issues, nutrition, training and even about the best possible ways of impressing the auditory during bodybuilding contests.

You can be sure that Brainum can give you more information than any internet site or Instagram gurus and it will always be trustworthy and scientifically grounded.

Perhaps, one of the most important things that Jerry Brainum has done, is setting an effective dieting program for aging bodybuilders. The special program that allows to compose a healthy diet and to correct eating regime and habits allows to avoid often inflammatory processes and stop muscle loss that are typical for older sportsmen.

Moreover, Jerry also found out and studied the difference between the ways of steroid use. He allowed many bodybuilders to find a perfect schedule of taking anabolic steroids, making it safer and more effective.

You can’t overestimate those things that Jerry has already done to help bodybuilders in reaching their goals. And he is not going to stop. This time Jerry tells about a bodybuilding diet and explain why it’s needed. Moreover, the expert is explaining the possible ways of compensating a poor or bad dieting with special training techniques.

Jerry sees and explains the process of building a perfect physique as a complex system with many elements. He also explains how to make this system work well even if some of its elements are not really proper.

Brainum’s videos are always helpful not only for professional sportsmen but also for everyone who is interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle.


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