Sunday, April 11, 2021

Jeremy Buendia Shared an Apology Video On Instagram

Jeremy Buendia is in the center of a very unpleasant story. Recently he was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Laura Amaral. Laura shared some pictures, showing her injuries. The young woman confessed that Jeremy abused her physically and insulted her with his words.

Laura decided to share her story with the internet society to get some moral support and to encourage other women not to afraid to speak about abuse. While there is no direct evidence of Buendia’s guilt, Amaral’s post caused a great effect, making thousands of people paying attention to the case. This case became an Instagram sensation and made many people support Laura.

The former Olympia champion who is also known as an Instagram fitness guru lost thousands of his followers. Buendia was simply attacked with comments and messages from angry internet users. While the sportsman denied talking about the subject, some of his sponsors terminated contracts with him.

Jeremy now tries to restore his reputation, protecting himself. In order to stop rumors, he shared a video message where he described the situation in details. Buendia confessed that he was rude with Laura, offending her verbally.

He behaved disrespectfully, hurting her with his words and attitude. However, Buendia denied any physical abuse. He told he had never physically abused any woman and none of his actions had led to Amaral having her injuries.

The sportsman also explained that his being rude with Amaral was connected to his anger issues and some of his psychological problems. According to Buendia’s words, he plans to start a therapy that would allow him to control his anger. Buendia said he was very sorry for the situation. “I’ll be back a better man“, – Buendia promised.

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