Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jeremy Buendia May Change The Division Soon

Jeremy Buendia is truly an amazing sportsman with the incredibly shredded and proportional body. The sportsman is known as one of the top participants of the Men’s Physique and the former Olympia champion in the Men’s Physique division. However, some of the latest photos he shared made his fans expect some general changes in the bodybuilder’s career.

Jeremy loves talking to his fans, sharing everything about his training and career plans, however, this time he has kept unusually silent for a while. Just a few days ago Jeremy posted some photos and video that caused a lot of interesting rumors.

Buendia shared a video of himself posing in a gym. His fans paid attention to two unusual details that made them think that Jeremy is preparing to compete in the Classic Physique division in the nearest future.

The first thing that became a reason for hot debates was a message that was left under the post. The bodybuilder wrote that he was sitting at 203 lbs. His fans noticed that this weight could be quite typical for Jeremy in the offseason, however, usually Buendia weights less before the competing season. This fact made many people believe the sportsman is ready to change to the Classic Physique division.

Another strange thing noticed by fans of Jeremy was a choice of poses for the video. Jeremy chose those poses that are not common for the Men’s Physique division, however, are used for the Classic Physique competition.

Surely, both these facts can’t be a clear prove that Jeremy is going to compete in another division. However, it’s still very possible that Jeremy is thinking about some important changes in his career.


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