Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Jeremy Buendia Looks Incredibly Massive

No doubts, Jeremy is one of the most interesting bodybuilding characters and a great representative of his division. However, his recent quarrels with bigger colleagues from the Open Weight division got all attention, making us forget to watch Buendia’s preparation for the contest.
Recently Buendia was invited for a guest posing at the bodybuilding show in India. This time bodybuilding fans had to forget about the recent internet fights between Jeremy and other bodybuilders and pay attention to Buendia’s incredible transformation.

The sportsman has always looked great, impressing the jury with his excellent physique and special charisma since his first time at the Olympia stage. However, now he looks, probably, even better than ever before.

Jeremy is visibly more massive while staying very lean and shredded. He looks very confident and satisfied with the result. We all wait to see him at the Olympia stage and are eager to know whether he manages to take the champion title again this year.

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