Samantha Calhoun put on a legendary show in the stacked women’s -63kg weight class in the 2018 USAPL Raw National Championships.

There is a bunch of competitive USAPL weight classes; however, the -63kg weight class deserves special attention, while such names like Jennifer Millican and Jennifer Thompson represent it.

Samantha Calhoun’s win was really huge not only for her powerlifting career but for the entire -63kg weight class.

Thompson dominated on the USAPL National level stage over the last decade and hasn’t lost at a national meet since 2008.

Calhoun had to deadlift 497 lb. for her third attempt to beat Thompson’s 1.103 lb. unofficial IPF record total in her final deadlift. Thompson was ahead of Calhoun by a few kgs.

Calhoun earned her 9/9 meet, co-ownership of the unofficial IPF world record-shattering total. As well as USAPL Raw National Championship won by her 61.9kg bodyweight against Thompson’s 62.3 kg,  thanks to her successful completion of the final 497 lb. deadlift.

Her full recap 9/9 performance and attempts include:

  • Squat: 155kg, 162.5kg, 170kg
  • Bench Press: 97.5kg, 102.5kg, 105kg
  • Deadlift: 205kg, 217.5kg, 225.5kg
  • Total: 500.5kg

Calhoun wrote in her Instagram post:  “After competing in my second meet in 2016, I realized I had potential to be great in this sport. I quickly hired a coach, @brandon_senn because I understood that it was going to take someone outside of myself to help get me there. I had high hopes for my first Nationals in 2016. I thought I had what it took to bring down the GOAT, jenthompson132. Even though my total was 70-100 lbs less than hers at the time.”

It was really exciting to watch Calhoun and Thompson competing head-to-head this year at Nationals.



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