Midnight’s Segment One Word off Song Titles
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Jess Tweedy with his few bedmates started his band in 1994, named as Wilco. Since that time Wilco has been having great success and has been giving so many legendary songs to be listeners. The latest album released by the band is “Schmilco”. There are so many amazing song tracks in this album and fans love it once again as usual. Schmilco has just been released last week there are so many positive reviews about the album and social media is going crazy about the song track list of this album.

Jeff Tweedy is the frontman of the band after the release of their album he has been busy promoting his album on so many T. V shows and other events. Recently Jess Tweedy has participated in one of famous social media reality show “Midnight. So to promote your songs there are so many segments in the Show one of these segments is Word off Song Titles. In this segment, you have to remove one word from the song title and have to make it funny. This segment is called #Hashtag Wars segment and Jeff tweedy had two other persons with him David Koechner and Jen Kirkman they were all making jokes about the titles of the songs to make them funny. This is one of the famous tricks to promote your album and songs on the T. V show. Well, we must say One Word off Song Titles segment was really fun.

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