J'den Cox wins bronze at Olympics
J'den Cox wins bronze at Olympics

J’den’s Journey, like father like son!

J’den’s Journey is undoubtedly a greatest sportsman story of the University of Missouri; he won a bronze medal and three NCAA titles in the Rio Olympics 2016. But in this three section series starting from Wednesday to Sunday.  He looks at this difficult journey anxiously with heavy heart which seems to be an impossible hurdle.

J’den Cox is a Missouri native, he is reading for his third and final championship. According to his coaches he is unbeatable lifetime talent that cannot be copied or replaced by any other native wrestler.

Once a girl came to Cox introducing herself to the superstar and told him that her arm got sandwich between a metal beam and Scottrade center floor. He smiled and said You know, you’re supposed to move out of the way when that happens.” The girl requests him whether he can sign his plaster when she get it changed and Cox obliges her. Cox ask him to be careful next time when he is talking to the reporters. That’s the magic of Cox  he can turn himself into a polite gentle man and a top class competitor in seconds. It’s a kind of art that is only learned by him. Its an ability that is God gifted to him.

J’den’s was born in 1987; nobody knew that the boy born today will be a leading Missouri sportsman. His father Phil Arnold was invited to a wrestling game 8 years before Cox’s Journey was started. Arnold has been with her sister Cathy Arnold like a shadow, she is a known singer and has performed national anthem at different generous events in Missouri. Arnold was unable to match with the talent of her sister so he found wrestling interesting.

“It was something I realized was going to be all mine and I didn’t have to worry about Cathy overshadowing me, because this was my own world,” Arnold said. “I fell in love with it the first time I hit the mats.”

His interest was soon inverted into success when he won two championship in Hickman High School consecutively in 1990 and 1991. He said,”My dad always told us to just be the best,” Arnold said. “My parents always said, ‘If you’re going to do something, never do it halfway.'”

Cathy cox’s sons , Zach and Drae, played so many play-offs that they were then known as “Phil’s nephews” by the wrestling followers across the nation. Arnold says:

“They would come to all my matches and all my dual meets. They would literally fight over my headgear and who would get to play with it,” Arnold said. “Anywhere I went, the boys went, and they just grew up in the wrestling world.”

After the Cox brothers continued playing sports even after Arnold left Columbia. When it was declared that another Cox player is on its way, everybody was familiar that Cox’s Journey is to play wrestling.

According to Arnold, he didn’t fall into it. He waCs predestined.